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 This spring is all about tassels,making this tasseled ensemble perfect for the trendsetters drawn to the fun attitude of the Sunset Sightings Collection!
 The rounded shape of the beads sprinkled throughout this set is the consistent feature that connects each accessory. This set is perfect for adding that simple pop of color to an outfit. Don't be afraid to pair this set with other colors outside of the neutral palette. This season, I recommend pairing this with Peach Echo, Rose, or maybe even a Mocha.
 This month's Magnificent Musings Trend Blend definitely has some spunk, making it a perfect set for the collisional colored outfits of the spring/summer season.
The simply timeless and classic manner of this month's Fiercely Fifth Avenue collection will never go out of style, making this set perfect for the career woman who just wants to add some shimmer to her outfit, or the girl trying to find that perfect sparkle to match her prom dress!
One of this Spring's hottest colors makes its debut in this months Glimpses of Malibu Trend Blend. What better way to showcase the popular coral shade of Peach Echo than to pair it with a vintage girly, girl style? As we transition into the spring and summer styles, you will see this popular shade of Peach Echo everywhere and anywhere.

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Five Dollar Jewelry | Spring 2015 Current Faves


I had every intention of selecting a few items to share with you guys, but there are SO MANY unique, fun, beautiful, and affordable items available right now! I snagged a "couple for you guys to ooh and aah over! Each piece is only $5! And this month we are having a special - Buy 7 Get 1 Free! Considering each piece is only $5, that's a deal! With mother's day right around the corner, you might as well! Each item is available on my website >>> click here!


After being let go from my full time job, I sought out Paparazzi. I need a fun way to earn some money, and boy did I find it! Feel free to ask me any questions. I am a completely open book! Thank you for visiting my website! To join my team, simply click business opportunities!

Five Dollar Jewelry | Spring Fashion: Hair Clips


Here in the south, we love our flip flops! We wear flip flops almost year round! From about March to October you could catch any of us southerners sporting some flip flops! We get attached to our flip flops, and don't ever want to let them go. Kind of like a good hair brush, or the perfect eye shadow brush!

Good news! You can spruce up those shabby flip flops into something very chic for just $5-$10! Our hair clips are very versatile! They have a pin and an alligator clip on the back. You can wear them as a broach, clip them in your hair or ponytail, clip them to your boots, give life to a drab purse/tote, or even wear them on a scarf!

These gorgeous sandals are listed for $35 on a bridal website! Yes, they are pretty, but if you are on a budget (like me!) $35 on sandals just ain't cutting it! You can get the same chic boutique look by sprucing up an old pair of sandals, or by spending a few dollars buying the second hand!

Now these cute as a button flip flops are listed for $80 bucks! As I said before, we have so many clips to chose from! Friends don't let friends spend $80 on FLIP FLOPS!

Get the same boutque look for $5-$10! Some of our clips come in sets of two for $5 and others you will need to buy two (because God gave us two feet)!

Boutique = $30                                              Paparazzi + DIY = $5

Check out some of our hair clips below, and think about which pair of flip flops or sandals you want to spruce up! I know you have some that you can't let go of!

Vew all hair clips!

Everything $5, all the time!
Boutique accessories, bargain prices!

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Five Dollar Jewelry | March Fashion Fix


The March fashion fix is here, and I couldn't be more excited about warm weather and sun dresses after seeing this beautiful spring jewelry! Last year I declared that mint was my new favorite color, and holy mint-man! These sets are exquisite!

The tree charm is a perfect complement to the natural stone elements in this trend blend! The entire set is inspired by nature! The silver mimics the same finish used in Native American accessories. You guys know as well as I do that those aztec prints are so cute and fun! The stones are natural, so the variation in size and shape is to be expected. The asymmetrical shapes contribute to the artisan feel of the entire set! Turquoise has a very expensive look, yet you can get this entire set for only $20! 

This trend blend is a fantastic mix of glitz and grunge! The necklace is great for elongating and wearing with a solid colored top. The long skinny bars combined with the dramatic length of the chains helps slenderize and flatter all body types! Can we talk about those bracelets? I love the silver studs! They bring an industrial contrast next the the shimmering rhinestones! This set would look great with the black or white trends... or even with some of the spring tones such as aqua, lilac, or even coral!

Does anyone love rose gold? Our new toasted almond finish resembles the elegant rose gold! The necklace features elegant pearl beads in a toasted almond finish. This necklace too is elongating to flatter any body type! The teardrop shaped bead in the earrings adds such a "high class" finish to this set. It can be worn for a night out on the town, or even to a formal event. How about that ring? A gorgeous cluster of toasted almond pearls and sparkling rhinestones are wrapped in golden coils. It reminds me of when I was a young girl playing in my grandmother's jewelry! So delicious!

The tribal plates and patterns int he necklace make this trend blend a perfect fit for the indigenous super trend of the spring season! While it is seemingly simple at first glance it's alternating silver and gunmetal finish adds another level allowing you to see texture before you notice the variation in color! Cuffs make a bold statement! The text of this cuff is no exception! This set would go perfectly with an aztec print kimono or an abstract top and some leggings! 

This last set is my absolute favorite, and I hope to order 3 billion of these for my customers! The technical name for this color is Lucite, but mint is just much easier to me! Sooth cool beads are perfect for that sundress you have been waiting to pull out of your closet! See the picture above? This set just begs to be paired with a lacey, crocheted goddess of a dress... Grab some wedges and some lip gloss... Girl you are ready for spring! That ring, though! A raised central rhinestone is bordered by a smaller shimmering accent encased by a ring of minty Lucite! A small silver teardrop is filled with filagree and dotted with a single central rhinestone. Tiny lucite beats swing freely from the bottom of the frame adding a splash of color!

To see all of our five dollar jewelry, visit the website below! Everything is five dollars!

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Zippy Pouches: 2014 Upgrades


If you follow me on instagram, or are a fan on facebook, you have seen a little buzz recently about our Spring 2014 Zippy Pouches. I am smitten over them, and can't wait to share the finished products with you. I just couldn't hold it in - I had to talk about them (kinda like when you know a really good secret, and you just wanna share with your BFF?!?).

They are super springy and fun! I love the fabrics that we chose for this season! 
We are proud to share with you that our Zippy Pouches have received quite a few upgrades over the break we took for the winter! First off, we have chosen higher quality designer cotton fabrics (even some are organic!) chosen from reputable artists and collections. We chose colors and pallets that reflected the Pantone 2014. We did some homework!

Don't know what "Pantone" means? In short, they are smarter than me and do lots of market research. Based on their finds, they release what the market reflects will be the popular colors of the season. They predict trends and can predict what colors will be popular and "in style." Color geniuses, that's what they are.

Another upgrade coming this Spring is the padding and extra structure. They offer a little more protection for your wares and won't be quite as flimsy as our pouches previously found at Bishop Place Handmade. The pouches are still lined with quality fabrics, but they contain a layer of additional support that is new to our shop. We are really excited about this little hidden upgrade!

 ...AND this season we are offering some really fun sizes. Four of them to be exact.

//First, there is a nice little small gal to hold your lip glosses, coins, debit cards, or your iPhone! // Then, there is a fun sized square pouch for those of you like me who don't really wanna carry a wallet, but have several things you need to grab. It offers a little bit more space for a few more items to grab and go, or to organize a bigger bag. // Our standard zippy pouch size is still available, the medium-sized make up bag. It can also be used to hold pens and highlighters. One customer stuck hers in her bible bag to hold her checkbook, tissues, highlighters, and favorite bible pens! // Also, for the travelling woman, we now have a large zippy pouch! Big enough for brushes, hair accessories, deodorant, and maybe even some hair spray! It can also be used as a diaper clutch for mommies on the go! Big enough for about 6 tiny diapers and about 4 bigger diapers and a small sleeve of wipes - maybe even a paci or two! The possibilities are endless for all sizes. //
We can't wait to see how you use them!
Spring 2014 Zippy Pouches coming early March! Get excited!

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