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Wanna know a little bit more about the gal behind the scenes? I have typed up five pretty random facts about me and my life! I skipped the obvious thing - I heart sewing! Being crafty and sitting behind my sewing machine are my ways to escape. Rough day? I usually find myself creating something by the end of it! Here is more about me...

  1. I love the Lord, Jesus Christ! I am a follower of Christ striving to be more like him every day. I trip up and stumble more times than not, but I am so grateful for his forgiveness and grace. I am learning how to have quiet, alone time with the Lord as a mother. It looks different every day, and may not fit into the box of “quiet time” society has arranged. My favorite verse currently is Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, do it heartily unto the Lord and not unto men.
  2. I have a full time job. My background is in accounting, but in February I took a leap of faith and dove into the insurance world. I work with family and friends that I love. The Lord rescued me from an unhealthy work environment, and I am grateful for that! 
  3. I love cheese. No, seriously. I do. I put cheese on everything. Ever heard of a peanut butter and cheese sandwich? Well, now you have! 
  4. I love music and I love to sing. Unfortunately, God did not bless me with a voice. Needless to say – don’t stand in front of me at church! 
  5. My most favorite way to spend my weekends is with friends. Chillin at the house sippin’ on some sweet tea and watching the kiddos play. Maybe a little guitar strumming and some singing, too! 
 There. That’s just a little bit about me. A little sneak peek into my life. There are so many other things that make my world go ‘round {like coffee}, but I can’t spill it all now {and shopping}.
I obviously love all things vintage and rustic. I think true treasures are found in thrift stores, not in boutiques. You can also read more on my “Meet The Mrs.” page over at the shop. This shop has been a dream of mine for a while now, and I’m so excited to watch it unfold with you!

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