Real Life: A Peek at my Craft Room


 My sweet decoupaged desk. My husband I labored so hard over this little gem. We had to fill in the handles to make the drawer surface smooth. What a project!  Then we used modge podge to affix the fabric to the drawers! Love it! It's so bright fun and cheery. To the right is my ironing table made from a TV dinner tray. It's not perfect due to a little trouble with the staple gun, but it is certainly functional!


On the left you can see one of my craft fair applications yet to be filled out. It is taped to the door of the room so I won't forget! On the right is a neat little idea my sister helped me with! These are zippy pouches waiting to be completed. Some of them have been sewn to their zippers, but most of them are just the cut outs. I like to cut several zippies and then sew a bunch at the same time. It makes the creative process a little bit easier.  

 On the left is where I do all my fabric cutting and gluing. We wedged an old dining table into the closet, and it fits perfectly. It could use a little more organization, but remember this is a real life craft room. Not Martha Stewart. 

On the right is a little decoration I made for my booth at the boutique a while back. It's just fabric strips knotted around some twine. Super easy. I have two sets of shutters in my craft room as well. Two of them were affixed to my display. The other two are just hanging out. 

This is where I store all my fabric that I'm not currently using. I LOVE these racks from IKEA! They are perfect for my fabrics. They are color coordinated, but you just can't tell! On top of the fabric storage is where I keep all my inventory. This area as well could use some more organization, but I'm no Little Miss Momma. Maybe one day I will have tons of money to throw into this room to make it pinterest worthy, but my heart is satisfied over my humble space. Especially when it's clean!  

Handmade goodies waiting for new homes! 

So there it is, there you have it. My craft room. Where all the magic happens. I just had to reclaim the space (again) and get several things out of there that didn't belong. It is such a tiny space that my craft fair display + a coffee table left me no room to even think. I had a major meltdown over the weekend and my sweet Prince Charming came to my rescue. He moved all the stuff out that didn't belong and helped me find a new spot for my display. What a doll! I was in such a creative rut because I literally only had room to turn around. Now, there is plenty of space! I have fallen back in love with my craft room!

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