Farewell To My Craft Room.


For a little over two years I have had my very own craft room! It has been my hideaway, my storage space, my piece of the house. I had a cutting table, a sewing desk, and some awsesome storage units from IKEA. It was kind of like my dream come true in a room. I made many a Christmas gift in this room, and prepared my first Bishop Place Handmade creations. 

Now, it is time for me to bid it farewell. We are adding another precious little one to our family, and she deserves her own space. I debated back and forth from one idea to another. Could she just stay in our room until she was old enough to "move in" with her sister? What to do, what to do? After discussing all the ideas with my hubby, we eventually decided that it was best for her to just have her own room. Maybe one day she will share a room with her sis, but for now, she needed her own room.

That left me with the decision about my sewing stuff. Do I just get rid of it all and dissolve Bishop Place Handmade? That thought didn't last too long. Heck no! I must be creative. I need to create fun products. The final decision was to have a sewing nook of sorts. Of course all of the details haven't been nailed down, but the ideas are flooding my brain. I know one thing, though, I sure am going to miss that yellow desk. Hubby and I bought and redid it. The drawer fronts are fabric, and we put so much time and energy into it. Bittersweet. 

In the world we live in, inspiration is everywhere!! I will certainly be downsizing and have to keep a "necessity only" mind set. Right now, I hoard and keep everything craft related. I have a hard time throwing stuff out that I might could use in the future. that will obviously have to change especially since this little craft armoire is going to be in my master bedroom. The #1 qualification for this little space is that it has to have doors. That way the mess is absolutely contained behind a door. The last thing I will need when baby gets here is for my master bedroom to be cluttered with sewing stuff.

I'm looking forward to the transformation though! I love a good DIY project! I have a couple at hand, especially with a craft room to nursery re-do! Thanks for reading!

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