Well Hello, 2014


Happy New Year!!

I had a great December full of craft fairs, family, and travel! We had such a fun, productive month here at Bishop Place Handmade, and I am so blessed because of it! I actually did my two very first craft fairs in one month and blew my goals out of the water! It was so much fun watching people "ooh and aah" over my handmade pretties... Just the encouragement that I needed! I also did a facebook & instagram sale for people like me, last minute gift buyers, and it thrilled my heart to know that people were going to be receiving my products for Christmas. I know, I'm a newbie, and some of you experience this often. This was a first time experience for me!

19 weeks preggers!


I am super excited for the Spring. I have got ideas up to my forehead and have already started to see some of them come to fruition! Have you seen the Pantone colors for 2014? SWOON! It's going to be such a fun season!


As we closed out 2013 with a bang, I began to think about my goals and aspirations for 2014. I have so many! It was hard to keep them precise, but it was so neat to lay them out and put an action plan in place for each one! One of those goals is to blog weekly. Yes, I know it should be more than that, but I need to start somewhere! I mean, look, I'm already a week behind (I'll make it up to you!).

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to those who supported us in 2013! This little biz of mine has brought me great joy, and has been such a fun outlet for me. I have been so blessed to be able to give additionally to our church because of this little venture. I'll have you know that I have made a committment to be generous with BPH proceeds and give back to the community by way of my local church. So not only are you supporting a small family by choosing Bishop Place Handmade, you are supporting the community.

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