Zippy Pouches: 2014 Upgrades


If you follow me on instagram, or are a fan on facebook, you have seen a little buzz recently about our Spring 2014 Zippy Pouches. I am smitten over them, and can't wait to share the finished products with you. I just couldn't hold it in - I had to talk about them (kinda like when you know a really good secret, and you just wanna share with your BFF?!?).

They are super springy and fun! I love the fabrics that we chose for this season! 
We are proud to share with you that our Zippy Pouches have received quite a few upgrades over the break we took for the winter! First off, we have chosen higher quality designer cotton fabrics (even some are organic!) chosen from reputable artists and collections. We chose colors and pallets that reflected the Pantone 2014. We did some homework!

Don't know what "Pantone" means? In short, they are smarter than me and do lots of market research. Based on their finds, they release what the market reflects will be the popular colors of the season. They predict trends and can predict what colors will be popular and "in style." Color geniuses, that's what they are.

Another upgrade coming this Spring is the padding and extra structure. They offer a little more protection for your wares and won't be quite as flimsy as our pouches previously found at Bishop Place Handmade. The pouches are still lined with quality fabrics, but they contain a layer of additional support that is new to our shop. We are really excited about this little hidden upgrade!

 ...AND this season we are offering some really fun sizes. Four of them to be exact.

//First, there is a nice little small gal to hold your lip glosses, coins, debit cards, or your iPhone! // Then, there is a fun sized square pouch for those of you like me who don't really wanna carry a wallet, but have several things you need to grab. It offers a little bit more space for a few more items to grab and go, or to organize a bigger bag. // Our standard zippy pouch size is still available, the medium-sized make up bag. It can also be used to hold pens and highlighters. One customer stuck hers in her bible bag to hold her checkbook, tissues, highlighters, and favorite bible pens! // Also, for the travelling woman, we now have a large zippy pouch! Big enough for brushes, hair accessories, deodorant, and maybe even some hair spray! It can also be used as a diaper clutch for mommies on the go! Big enough for about 6 tiny diapers and about 4 bigger diapers and a small sleeve of wipes - maybe even a paci or two! The possibilities are endless for all sizes. //
We can't wait to see how you use them!
Spring 2014 Zippy Pouches coming early March! Get excited!

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