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Here in the south, we love our flip flops! We wear flip flops almost year round! From about March to October you could catch any of us southerners sporting some flip flops! We get attached to our flip flops, and don't ever want to let them go. Kind of like a good hair brush, or the perfect eye shadow brush!

Good news! You can spruce up those shabby flip flops into something very chic for just $5-$10! Our hair clips are very versatile! They have a pin and an alligator clip on the back. You can wear them as a broach, clip them in your hair or ponytail, clip them to your boots, give life to a drab purse/tote, or even wear them on a scarf!

These gorgeous sandals are listed for $35 on a bridal website! Yes, they are pretty, but if you are on a budget (like me!) $35 on sandals just ain't cutting it! You can get the same chic boutique look by sprucing up an old pair of sandals, or by spending a few dollars buying the second hand!

Now these cute as a button flip flops are listed for $80 bucks! As I said before, we have so many clips to chose from! Friends don't let friends spend $80 on FLIP FLOPS!

Get the same boutque look for $5-$10! Some of our clips come in sets of two for $5 and others you will need to buy two (because God gave us two feet)!

Boutique = $30                                              Paparazzi + DIY = $5

Check out some of our hair clips below, and think about which pair of flip flops or sandals you want to spruce up! I know you have some that you can't let go of!

Vew all hair clips!

Everything $5, all the time!
Boutique accessories, bargain prices!

Earn free jewelry, host a party!

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