Five Dollar Jewelry | Spring 2015 Current Faves


I had every intention of selecting a few items to share with you guys, but there are SO MANY unique, fun, beautiful, and affordable items available right now! I snagged a "couple for you guys to ooh and aah over! Each piece is only $5! And this month we are having a special - Buy 7 Get 1 Free! Considering each piece is only $5, that's a deal! With mother's day right around the corner, you might as well! Each item is available on my website >>> click here!


After being let go from my full time job, I sought out Paparazzi. I need a fun way to earn some money, and boy did I find it! Feel free to ask me any questions. I am a completely open book! Thank you for visiting my website! To join my team, simply click business opportunities!

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