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 This spring is all about tassels,making this tasseled ensemble perfect for the trendsetters drawn to the fun attitude of the Sunset Sightings Collection!
 The rounded shape of the beads sprinkled throughout this set is the consistent feature that connects each accessory. This set is perfect for adding that simple pop of color to an outfit. Don't be afraid to pair this set with other colors outside of the neutral palette. This season, I recommend pairing this with Peach Echo, Rose, or maybe even a Mocha.
 This month's Magnificent Musings Trend Blend definitely has some spunk, making it a perfect set for the collisional colored outfits of the spring/summer season.
The simply timeless and classic manner of this month's Fiercely Fifth Avenue collection will never go out of style, making this set perfect for the career woman who just wants to add some shimmer to her outfit, or the girl trying to find that perfect sparkle to match her prom dress!
One of this Spring's hottest colors makes its debut in this months Glimpses of Malibu Trend Blend. What better way to showcase the popular coral shade of Peach Echo than to pair it with a vintage girly, girl style? As we transition into the spring and summer styles, you will see this popular shade of Peach Echo everywhere and anywhere.

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